Monday, February 5, 2018

Flexible solar panels could power next-gen Internet of Things devices

A highly-flexible and portable solar cell (like GOAL ZERO NOMAD 7 ) could power the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, its creators have claimed, including wearable technology and foldable displays.

Traditional solar panels’ rigidity and high weight have limited their application in flexible electronics, said the researchers at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia. The team, led by Muhammad Hussain, aimed to overcome these issues with a new design while maintaining the same levels of efficiency.

To tackle the issue, the researchers built rigid silicon segments linked by screen-printed aluminium contacts, positioned at the back to optimise light absorption and allow modifications of the silicon sections. The result is an array that can bend to different shapes such as zig-zags or two-sided cells.

A series of five cells lit up multi-coloured LEDs in tests, while units arranged in a cylinder powered a humidity detection system on a plant leaf. When exposed to light from a desk lamp and humid conditions, the system turned on an LED and sent a smartphone notification.

The demonstrations showed the technology’s applicability for the IoT, said Hussain, and could help meet growing demand for wearable and implantable devices, foldable displays and vehicle-integrated solar panels.

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Best Poulan Lawn Mower for 2017 is a Pro 57″ Zero Turn

Poulan Pro has been manufacturing motorized landscaping equipment since the early 1940s. The company has a reputation for creating robust riding mowers which out-perform and outlast those of their competitors so it’s no surprise that the best zero turn mower, (compared like-for-like with competitors), we have tried is a Proulan.

However, what is best for one gardener may not meet the needs of another and so Poulan manufacture a wide variety of products to suit the wide variety of needs we consumers have. Their entry level riding mowers are some of the best available in the market.

In our opinion the best POULAN PRO LAWN MOWER on the market, for those to whom money is a consideration, is the Poulan Pro 960420174 PB24VA54. Although it is offered in a variety of national and local outlets it is always better to buy online online. This way you can take advantage of the low operating costs of online businesses as the best online vendors usually pass these substantial savings on the the customer.

Poulan Pro 960420174 PB24VA54 has a Kohler V-Twin engine which provides 24 HP. The cutting deck has a width of 54-inches and is made of reinforced steel. It delivers speed, performance and productivity in an easy-to-operate package. It has a 2.5-gallon fuel tank and a ready start engine. It will navigate through tough terrain to give you a smooth and well-manicured lawn.
A Few Things to Consider When Buying a Riding Mower

There are lots of riding mowers available these days. So before you consider the purchase of a riding mower it’s a good idea to properly assess your needs if you wish to find the most suitable one. A riding mower will provide numerous advantages over traditional push mowers and you can maximize these advantages if you do a little research and understand your needs.

The first thing to do is to consider what kind of landscape you have, the size of your lawn, and which type of mower can help you achieve the perfect lawn you desire.

Every landscape has unique needs and your own will be no different. If you have large extensive grounds, you will have to find a mower which cuts large cut widths at higher speeds like this particular model.

The kind of terrain your mower will be running over also matters. Hilly areas full of obstacles such as flower beds, tree roots or walls will require a more powerful engine and/or additional attachments. A terrain with obstacles requires a zero turn because it is much easier to navigate than the alternatives.

The turning radius is also an important factor to consider. This radius tells you how tightly the mower can turn. A smaller turning radius means the mower is capable of making sharper turns.

Since most zero turns on the market have significant forward speeds, they are the best choice for large lawns and/or lawns with lots of obstacles such as trees or plant beds.

A Detailed Look at the Features

Understanding the features of the mower you wish to purchase will allow you to make the right choice.

Taking care of your lawn would be a breeze if you manage to choose a mower which fits your needs properly. So here is a quick run-down of the features of this zero turn poulan lawn mower the Poulan Pro 960420174.

24 HP V-Twin Kohler Engine

The Kohler engine is a high performance engine which gives the mower enough speed to easily move through residential lawns.

This mower has a V-Twin engine; this engine has been especially manufactured by Kohler for riding mowers.

It is more powerful than single cylinder engines and operates with minor vibrations.

The reduced vibrations make the engine less prone to wear and tear and also allows the rider to operate the mower in comfort.

The Cutting Deck

It is important to know the width of the cutting deck of any mower you are considering buying. The width of the cutting deck is a measurement of the width of the section of grass the mower can cut in a single pass.

The number of blades is also an important factor to consider. Smaller mowers only have one blade which provides limited productivity. Most of the larger lawn tractors, especially true of the zero turn mowers, have two to three blades for maximum cutting efficiency.

Another feature is the number of deck wheels. The deck wheels help maintain and even the cutting height when moving over uneven terrain. The Poulan Pro 960420174 has a 54-inch wide deck and houses 3 blades for maximum efficiency and nicely evenly cut lawns.

The Transmission

A pedal control fast auto-drive transmission enables the Poulan Pro 960420174 to move smoothly over rough terrain.

The mower responds very quickly when steered and the speed is impressive. The maximum forward speed is 5.5 mph and the backward/reverse speed is 1.7 mph.

The mower can move up steep hills easily if the grass is dry. An incline of 25-30 degrees is easily handled by the Poulan Pro 960420174.

On the downside, the mower does not handle wet conditions very well; the rear tires don’t have enough traction and will skid over very wet grass. Obviously this is not a problem if you keep mowing to dry days only.

The zero turn radius allows the mower to navigate around obstacles with ease. It also has front caster wheels which help pivot the mower at sharp angles.

Since it has significant forward speeds, the mower will handle large open areas quite easily.

The Comfort Factor

An often overlooked but important factor to consider before purchasing a riding mower is the level of comfort it offers.

This is an especially important thing to consider if you use your mower often and for long stretches at a time. So before deciding on a particular machine always check the comfort factor.

Check if the mower comes with features such as lumbar support, high-back seat, rubber foot pads, extended leg room, armrests etc.

The Poulan Pro 960420174 wins in this area because it has comfortable seating where the seat has a 15-inch high back and includes armrests.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

How do I trust a man who blatantly lies?

I am incredibly disappointed that he won't tell the facts. When I present "proof", he denies his trauma therapy NYC acting out. How do I trust a man who blatantly lies?

sex addiction NYC thrives in secrecy. Addicts go to any length to protect their double life. Denial, ("Do Not Even Know I am working") plays a massive part in any addiction process. The reality of the acting out is protected from the conscious mind. If the addict is unaware of the truth, how can he tell you?

The thinking process of the enthusiast gets diminished because he becomes immersed in the refusal procedure, giving way to the minimization of the degree of his behavior. This joins with "rationalization": i.e. "I'm not really cheating" - "All guys do so" - "I am not hurting anybody" - "I work hard so I deserve some enjoyment." This combination of denial, minimization, and rationalization makes it incredibly difficult for him to understand the reality.
trauma therapy NYC

More complexing is that the occurrence of "dissociation", or "The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" syndrome. Dissociation is a clinical process which characterizes multiple personality disorder. While I'm not saying the sex addiction treatment NY have MPD, I am suggesting that some of the same characteristics of that disorder are shared. One side of the personality protects the other side from the reality. Some amount of dissociation is in every guy who has a "double life". Every side of the personality has different values, goals, beliefs, and needs that conflict with the other side.

This is why, when the trauma therapist NYC out is finished, the addict feels so distressed and shameful. Mr. Hyde does the acting out and Dr. Jekyll experiences the remorse.

When the addict is acting out, he has feelings of being disconnected from himself and his environment. Clients speak of "the bubble", the "erotic haze", "zoning out", and "feeling apart from myself and watching myself from afar ", of feeling "foggy" or "not feeling like a true person" Losing track of time is common as is feeling outside oneself as both an observer and a participant. Emotions are numbed; the fantasy creates an alternate reality which obscures the truth of "what is".

Once in therapy, the main issue that arises is a feeling of a fragmented sense of self or being unsure of his identity. Therapy will help him get to the bottom of hidden elements of himself that he may not have fully understood or been in a position to control until treatment starts to work. Only by getting in touch with hidden sections of himself will the complete realization of his talents and strengths be realized and fulfillment in his personal relationships can start to unfold.

· I don't see how our relationship can survive the emotional pain and chaos of his sex addiction therapy. Have other couples been being able to work through these difficulties? How have they done it?

When at least one member of a couple is sex addiction treatment NYC, restoring trust and building intimacy can be extremely tough. These couples must work as hard on their recovery together as a couple since they do on their unique recoveries.

One of the great challenges to recovery from trauma psychologist compulsivity is restoring or building an intimate relationship with a committed partner. Many existing relationships are seriously impaired and often don't survive because of trauma therapy out. The partner of the trauma therapists NYC  capacity to trust is obviously damaged. The psychodynamic and behavioral issues underlying sex addiction therapy NYC contribute to obstacles to overcoming and building intimate and committed relationships.

The fantastic news is that we've seen from our experience that not only is it feasible to repair, rebuild, or newly build a committed relationship, but the level of emotional and physical intimacy that comes from working on these issues together is sustaining, gratifying and growth-producing for each member of the couple.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Fidget Spinner Is the Perfect Toy for the Trump Presidency

This reĆ«valuation of fidgeting definitely legitimizes the surge in a reputation of the spinners fidget , but it doesn't fully explain it. Why spinning? And why today? The technology of the spinner fidget continues to be awarded to Catherine Hettinger, identified by the Parent as “a California-based author,” who listed a patent to get a finger rotating doll back 1997 but was incapable at that time to interest doll corporations in its marketability. Sadly for Hettinger, she granted the patent to lapse and, therefore, isn't profiting from the current rage. (in reality, the spinner presently dominating the market—which is formed like ergonomic ninja stars—bear only a conceptual likeness to Hettinger’s model, which seems as if it may be a contraceptive diaphragm created for a whale.)

At the time that Hettinger was floating her advent, an incredibly different phenomenon was producing its first inroads into the portable doll market. The Tamagotchi, which was introduced first in Japan then internationally, was a so-called electronic pet, which required particular attentions from its operator to flourish. “Pets are merely adorable 20 to 30-percent of that time period, and also the remainder is of difficulty, a great deal of work,” the Tamagotchi’s designer, Akihiro Yokoi, told the Changing Times two decades ago, while detailing that his model would develop in its operator the type of care a true pet involves. Weighed against the hand spinner fidget toys the Tamagotchi is a miracle of complexity, stirring the imagination and engendering sympathy. Return back further, towards the nineteen-eighties, and you also find the Rubik’s Dice, a doll that provides every one of the haptic fulfillment offered by hand spinner fidget toys, as well as includes it with a brainteaser of such style that numerous folks are tiny nearer to solving it than we were thirty five years ago.
Newer fashions compare favorably, inside the mental demand office, to the spinner, also. The Spectrum Loom needed significant skill to create these minor bracelets utilized by everyone who was simply involving the ages of six and eleven in 2013. The designers of Absurd Bandz—those rubber bands fashioned like stars or dinosaurs or pets that second-graders traded in 2010—had at the least the self-awareness to implicate their doll in its name. It never pretended to become anything other than a ridiculous group.
Hand spinner, around the other-hand, are masquerading as being a valuable contribution towards the common weal, while basically, they're ultimately causing total new levels of silly. Facebook is filled with people doing stupid items with spinner fidget—deliberately cracking a smartphone display using a turbocharged one, for example, or spinning them on their tongues. Several days ago, one YouTuber broadcast himself resting in a seat and spinning spinner fidget toys for twenty-four hours right. By the ultimate half hour—as he flicked the infernal spinner listlessly, as an added victim of some delightful kind of torture—he had attracted a live audience of more than twenty-thousand audiences; the video has since had over two million landscapes. (as though to emphasize the position idiocy of his business, he occasionally leaned in the camera to exhibit off a row of stitches on his cheekbone—the outcome of another fidget-spinning movie he'd created a couple of days earlier.)
Will it be dismissed being an overreaction—as “pearl-clutching,” because the youngsters on the web prefer to say—to discern, inside the contemporary acceptance of the spinner toy, evidence of cultural drop? (“In MY day we simply picked at our cuticles. Children nowadays are spoiled bad!” is how one wagon UrbanBaby, the parenting site, caught that intuition.) Probably, yet the climb of the fidget hand spinner at this political minute cries out for a model. The spinner fidget toys, maybe it's suggested, will be the great doll for that era of Trump. Unlike the Tamagotchi, it generally does not promote its owner to take anyone else’s sensations or needs into consideration. Instead, it helps as well as encourages the location of one’s own passions above everybody else’s. It causes solipsism, envy, and outright disrespect. It doesn't, whilst the Rubik’s Dice does reward higher-level intellection. Somewhat, it promotes the abdication of thought and advances an of mindlessness, plus it does therefore in a traditional time once the Leader has shown himself to become pathologically susceptible to diversion and not capable of creating a coherent idea.
Can it be any shock that, provided the topsy-turvy world by which we currently live, spinning one’s wheels—formerly the description of the pointless, annoying action that is best avoided—has been recast as a directing recreation, and accepted by way of a large crowd? A week ago, while the House voted to overturn the Economic Care Work, millions of parents of youngsters with unique needs—those for whom the hand spinner fidget might likely possess a legitimate use—began to worry, once again, about their children getting uninsured, or uninsurable, a consequence the President had offered on the campaign trail would not happen. This week, after summarily firing James Comey, the pinnacle of the F.B.I., while Comey was conducting a study into the Trump campaign’s ties to Italy, the President, with the help of his surrogates, issued a complicated series of contradictory explanations for what seems increasingly just like the unapologetic motion of the would-be despot. Every day, it becomes more clear that Trump is toying with your democracy, shamelessly betting the public will soon be also distracted and also stupefied to join up that what his hand spinner fidget toys are lies.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Renogy Tracer 4210 MPPT Solar Charge Controller

There are some interesting sales claims with the Renogy Tracer 4210 MPPT Solar Charge Controller that make it highly appealing to buyers in need of greater efficiency in their solar system.

It can provide full power output at 45 degrees with temperature compensation, is smart enough to distinguish between day and night and promises peak conversion efficiency of above 90%. Is this controller able to live up to buyer expectations or is there more it could do to help?

There are many buyers expressing satisfaction in the performance of this device, with some saying that it really does help to increase the wattage travelling to the batteries and improve the performance of their solar panels. Some are successfully using this as way of protecting their batteries from depleting too much because of its shut-off feature. Renogy company also produced another charge controller RENOGY 40 AMP MPPT CHARGE CONTROLLER
There is a level of consistency seen here with many of the processes that assures buyers that this is a reliable option. Another important benefit for users is that it was pretty easy to install, despite a lack of instructions in a few places, so inexperienced users should have few complaints.

There has also been praise for the remote M-T5 screen for its interface and the way it improves the usability but it must be noted that this aspect is sold separately.

What disadvantages have buyers noted in their reviews for this Renogy Tracer 4210 MPPT Controller?

One of the selling points in the specification for this product is the fact that it has many battery settings – Sealed, Flooded and Gel – but this is not quite enough for some users. There are also calls for a little more quality and attention to detail in the terminals, particularly the use of a grounding screw and plates between the cables.

Another oversight that has been pointed out relates to the timer. The purpose this function is to automatically switch electrical items on or off at night when the owner is not around to do so and while this is great for night lights and security features, the product’s ability to differentiate between night and day means that the charger does not allow users to program items used during the day.

Summary: how does this feedback affect a final verdict on this Renogy 4210 MPPT?
There are buyers giving four star reviews for this product with the basic assessment that it is a decent system for a small solar set-up and this seems to be fair.

On the right system, the controls and capabilities can really help to improve the function of the system and the power in your batteries, with some interesting other features for controlling the charge across the day.

However, the limitations in the construction and settings and the need to purchase the slightly better interface show that there is room for improvement and perhaps consumers with a more substantial set-up should go for something with greater capabilities. If you just need small improvements to control the charge on your system, the Renogy charge controller could be for you.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How to Make the Most out of Attending Business Conferences & Events

How to Make the Most out of Attending Business Conferences & Events

In the next 2 months I’l be speaking at 7 different business events and conferences in cities ranging from San Francisco to New York to Denver.

When I present at a business conference, I’m not just there as a speaker, but as an attendee – just like any other business person. The interesting thing is, I’ll probably get more business benefit from just one of these events (not including the effect from speaking) than most people get from multiple events. Why is that?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Marketing Automation Essentials for Small Businesses

 Marketing Automation Essentials for Small Businesses

Do you know which companies are visiting your site right now? Are you able to automate your marketing messages to reach different audiences based on their behavior on your site? How about scoring leads to ensure your sales team knows who should make it to the top of their calling list?

If you find yourself answering no to some or all of these questions, you’re not alone. The scenarios above can be a reality for marketers, but this reality often requires an investment in marketing automation. While large corporations were predominantly the earlier adopters of this technology several years ago, small businesses are learning that the technology synchs with their business needs as well. And marketing automation providers are taking notice, offering solutions now geared to SMBs as well.