Thursday, July 20, 2017

How do I trust a man who blatantly lies?

I am incredibly disappointed that he won't tell the facts. When I present "proof", he denies his trauma therapy NYC acting out. How do I trust a man who blatantly lies?

sex addiction NYC thrives in secrecy. Addicts go to any length to protect their double life. Denial, ("Do Not Even Know I am working") plays a massive part in any addiction process. The reality of the acting out is protected from the conscious mind. If the addict is unaware of the truth, how can he tell you?

The thinking process of the enthusiast gets diminished because he becomes immersed in the refusal procedure, giving way to the minimization of the degree of his behavior. This joins with "rationalization": i.e. "I'm not really cheating" - "All guys do so" - "I am not hurting anybody" - "I work hard so I deserve some enjoyment." This combination of denial, minimization, and rationalization makes it incredibly difficult for him to understand the reality.
trauma therapy NYC

More complexing is that the occurrence of "dissociation", or "The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" syndrome. Dissociation is a clinical process which characterizes multiple personality disorder. While I'm not saying the sex addiction treatment NY have MPD, I am suggesting that some of the same characteristics of that disorder are shared. One side of the personality protects the other side from the reality. Some amount of dissociation is in every guy who has a "double life". Every side of the personality has different values, goals, beliefs, and needs that conflict with the other side.

This is why, when the trauma therapist NYC out is finished, the addict feels so distressed and shameful. Mr. Hyde does the acting out and Dr. Jekyll experiences the remorse.

When the addict is acting out, he has feelings of being disconnected from himself and his environment. Clients speak of "the bubble", the "erotic haze", "zoning out", and "feeling apart from myself and watching myself from afar ", of feeling "foggy" or "not feeling like a true person" Losing track of time is common as is feeling outside oneself as both an observer and a participant. Emotions are numbed; the fantasy creates an alternate reality which obscures the truth of "what is".

Once in therapy, the main issue that arises is a feeling of a fragmented sense of self or being unsure of his identity. Therapy will help him get to the bottom of hidden elements of himself that he may not have fully understood or been in a position to control until treatment starts to work. Only by getting in touch with hidden sections of himself will the complete realization of his talents and strengths be realized and fulfillment in his personal relationships can start to unfold.

· I don't see how our relationship can survive the emotional pain and chaos of his sex addiction therapy. Have other couples been being able to work through these difficulties? How have they done it?

When at least one member of a couple is sex addiction treatment NYC, restoring trust and building intimacy can be extremely tough. These couples must work as hard on their recovery together as a couple since they do on their unique recoveries.

One of the great challenges to recovery from trauma psychologist compulsivity is restoring or building an intimate relationship with a committed partner. Many existing relationships are seriously impaired and often don't survive because of trauma therapy out. The partner of the trauma therapists NYC  capacity to trust is obviously damaged. The psychodynamic and behavioral issues underlying sex addiction therapy NYC contribute to obstacles to overcoming and building intimate and committed relationships.

The fantastic news is that we've seen from our experience that not only is it feasible to repair, rebuild, or newly build a committed relationship, but the level of emotional and physical intimacy that comes from working on these issues together is sustaining, gratifying and growth-producing for each member of the couple.

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